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About Peter Otter

Peter Otter graduated with a 1st class degree in Fine Art and Philosophy in 2010. Looking out for a job, he started out in an engineering company, making incredibly sensitive, mechanical seismic instruments as an apprentice wireman. Within a couple of years he was promoted to an technician, working the electrical and mechanical departments, honing his various technical skills. His talents were recogised and he moved in the repair department to oversee repairs and system testing. A couple of years later and earnt his Engineer title at another company, working on automated robot driving systems.

Throughout all this time Pete also ran his Outdoor Art company, OTTER Produces. Creating unique interactive art and puzzles. The skills he learnt in his day job fed directly into his art development and the pieces he and his team created became more and more technical.

Fast-forward 12 years and Pete Otter quit his day job and started Peter Otter Creative Solutions. His aim, to utilise his various engineering and creative skills to help other creatives make and develop remarkable, inventive products and projects. His unique set of skills means he can clearly communicate and work with technical individuals and concepts at the same time as helping more creatively minded individuals develop their work into areas they wouldn’t have felt possible before.